Welcome to my mission!

Welcome to my mission... to be able to complete full push-ups! Watch my progress as I sweat, cry, hurt and finally overcome this tricky little sucker of an exercise... wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mission Day 14

OK, will admit that I have been pretty busy and working on the end of the Shapeshifter  program... so haven't been concentrating on the push-ups per se... However, I have been doing a few push-ups each day since I am keen to reach this goal. I am doing ONE full-push and completing the rest of the set with negatives so that I slowly build up that strength in my body overall. I officially finished Shapeshifter today so I can work on push-ups until I start the Venus Index program on the 28th... there are push-ups incorporated into their workouts, so I  am still keen to reach this push-up goal!

Opened the packaging of the pull-up bar I bought online, but have to screw some bits into the wall above the door-frame to use it. Not really happy about that, wanted something more portable, so might give it to my nephew for Christmas and buy one I don't have to attach to a wall! More on that later...

For shock value, will post the before and after shots of myself from the beginning of this year and last week to show you my progress using online fitness programs...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mission Day 2

My pecs were quite sore from Day 1's workout! They are still quite tight, but not as bad today - note to self that stretching is good! I am working on my knee push-ups until I can actually do ONE full push-up so...

I worked on reps/set of 10-12-7-7-15. Pretty darned tired after that and could feel that my pecs had got a good workout.

Today was reps/sets of 10-12-8-8-15. I could have pushed further but am doing this in conjunction with my Bodyweight Coach program (I was doing Quad Squats today which do use some upper body - I could feel it this morning while I was doing them!) and didn't want to overwork the muscles.

Anyway, off camping tomorrow and birthday bash with friends, so will have to take my pocket program and squeeze these in surreptitiously (maybe inside the tent while pretending to have a nap!)... my friends already think I'm some sort of health nut freak because of the amount of weight I've lost recently, plus the fact that I fast once a week and don't drink to excess at every single social occasion *roll eyes*. If they saw me doing push-ups when I'm supposed to be "relaxing" I'd never hear the end of it! Hell, they'd probably disown me! :-P :-)

BTW, I saw ANOTHER blog on push-ups, with some handy hints about technique evil cyber push-ups-for-absolute-beginners saying to do them on your fists/knuckles since you can develop carpal tunnel from doing them on palms. Makes sense to me. I tried them and they were even harder - I have puny wrists though so don't want to risk hurting them!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mission Day 1: 8 Dec 2010

A bit of background... 

My youngest baby is 14 months old. I have been slowly getting in shape since about 4 weeks after she was born. To date I have lost just over 15 KGs, have gone from size 16 clothes down to size 12, and feel the healthiest I've been in years.

I have used the following fitness programs to achieve my fitness goals:

  • Fit Yummy Mummy by the amazing Holly Rigsby www.fityummymummy.com - highly recommended to any mums out there looking to get in shape.
  • Bodyweight Coach by the incredible Coaches Ryan Murdock and Adam Steer www.bodyweightcoach.com. These guys are responsible for me moving from "losing weight" to "getting in shape". I started with their free FUN-damentals program, then switched up to Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss (BBFFL). I then replied to an invitation to try out a new program they are developing and decided I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain. The change in my body over the last few weeks of doing their Shapeshifter Beta group is just phenomenal! I will post before and after photos at some point...

However... here it is, 15 days until my birthday and I am no closer to achieving my goal of being able to do FULL push-ups by my birthday! 

What have I been doing to try to reach my goal? 

Shapeshifter! I have been doing Static Push Up Holds, the hideous Screw Press exercise - I cannot do it yet! Even on my knees I am having serious issues. My problem is not enough upper body strength! This is why I need to achieve the Full Push Up goal!

I have just logged into www.hundredpushups.com and downloaded their manual to get me started.

Where am I at fitness wise?

Full Push-ups completed: Embarrassingly - big fat ZERO.
Knee Push-ups completed: Only 18 before my form started to suffer.
Plank Hold: last time I checked (about a month ago) I could hold Plank for 2 mins 30 secs before sagging.
Side Plank: I can do these with leg raised on both sides - hold maybe 10 secs before I lose balance.

Where do I go from here?
I will continue with Shapeshifter - I only have 2 weeks to go on it - and will also start the Hundred Push ups program. I am determined to do this! 15 days and counting!